An Oarfish


An Oarfish







What they do

Straightens its long body like a line


Peso and Pinto

The oarfish is known as the longest fish in the ocean / sea and are very hard to find because of their shy nature. It is as long as a ship's oar. It may also be part of the eel family, though the series never mentions it. Though it may sound like its also as long as an oar, that has been proven wrong. The giant oarfish can reach lengths of up to fifty-two feet, longer than a whale shark. The oarfish is also taller than the Octopod. The only appearance is Octonauts and the Oarfish.


The oarfish have white silver-like skin with a bit of red on his scales and red spikes on his head.Behind his chin, the oarfish has two of what seem to be spikes, though they are not. On the back there is a somewhat flexible sail, which gives it its feature. The oarfish also has two little fins on its sides, which look a little bit like bunny ears in the middle. The mouth can be seen to be a little long, yet smaller than Peso. The back is colored gray.


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