• Golfpecks

    Request for Adoption

    August 17, 2017 by Golfpecks

    I just wanted to let you guys know I have requested for adoption. I know someone else has too. I wanted to discuss the future of this wikia to ensure we have at least one admin or bureaucrat on active status to monitor. I have requested. So, let's discuss who is gonna be an admin or bureaucrat. I personally requested. If anyone has any also wants to be, comment underneath. Due to the lack of wikia staff, I would like to be admin especially as I am ranked 5th in badges with 204 edits. I want your opinions if I should adopt this wikia?

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  • Aquawillow

    (The Octonettes Are In Dashi's Room Spending Time Together)

    Seafern: Ok, last question. Which 2 girls recently became one of us? Here's a hint; one of them is unique while the other is special.

    Dashi: Hmm

    Tweak and Dashi: Us?

    Seafern: Correct! 10 out of 10!

    Seawillow: You two are masters at quizzes!

    (octo alert sounds)

    Seawillow: Huh? It's the Octo Alert!

    CB: Octonauts, to the H.Q.

    Sealily: Let's go girls.

    CB: Octonauts, there is a mystery creature out in the ocean who might need help. We have to find it and get the creature to safety

    Kwazii: I bet this creature is a dangerous dinosaur fish!

    Peso: But Kwazii, Dinosaurs don't exist anymore.

    Kwazii: But this one is still alive! It roars like a dinosaur and it swims so close that is you look into its eyes…

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  • Aquawillow

    (CB, Peso, Kwazii, Professor Inkling, And Shellington are heading home from a mission in the Gup E.)

    CB: Well, everyone that's our mission today! Time to head back to the octopod.

    Shellington: Good thing, I am exhausted!

    Kwazii: Aye matey, After all that exploring, I am as tired as a sleepy bird.

    Shellington: Although, I am not very confident about our captain for a day.

    CB and Seaniyah: SeaStorm!?

    Seaniyah: Well, I hope she's just fine!

    (Seastorm rings the octo alert so her "servants" can help her while she sits and watches!)

    Seablossom: OK, Lunch is served!

    Seastorm: Oh yum!

    Seablossom: Wait, we must do our handshake before we eat!

    (5 minutes later.....)

    Seastorm: Oh great! We made a mess!

    Seablossom: Well, a little

    Seastorm: We have to ask someone to…

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  • Bruninhorangel7

    Here are my Season 4 DVD Ideas! Hope you like them!

    The Octonauts and the Over Under Adventure (Fanmade version DVD) 


    The Octonauts and the Over Under Adventure 

    The Octonauts and the Mantis Shrimp 

    The Octonauts and the Convict Fish 

    The Octonauts and the Poison Dart Frogs 

    The Octonauts and the Walrus Pups 

    The Octonauts and the Octopod Mystery 

    The Octonauts and the Surfing Snails 

    The Octonauts and the Tree Lobsters 

    The Octonauts and the Hidden Lake 

    The Octonauts and the Baby Sea Turtles 

    The Octonauts and the Emperor Penguins 

    The Octonauts and the Great Swamp Search (Fanmade version DVD) 


    The Octonauts and the Great Swamp Search 

    The Octonauts and the Baby Gator 

    The Octonauts and the Crawfish 

    The Octonauts and the Flamingos 

    The …

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  • Aquawillow

    The Octonauts And The Lost Lagoon Storyline:

    Tweak and Dashi are tired of being the only females of the Octonauts. Their friends are tired of living in an Octopod. The 5 are also sick of an over protected captain! Shellington, Kwazii, Peso, Dashi, and Tweak grabbed their backpacks and left the octopod at 11:45! Dashi suddenly saw someone with a mermaid tail and a giant mask. They started bonding but, the mystery girl ran away dropping a map. On the corner of the map, there was the octonauts' logo! Professor Inkling met with the 5 about the map. Professor heard of the map. It was the map of the "Octonettes". The 5 explored a cave, survived a collapsed bridge, and finally ran into a world of land and sea. The team met the Octonettes: Sealily,…

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  • Sci Ty

    Tweak's mom wasn't mentioned so I decided to make this theory. Who is she? Did she pass away? What is her name? What happened to her?

    My Opinion: I think her name could be Lillian or Lily. I think she is in another country. Maybe, she had a seizure.

    Comment down what you think happened to Tweak's Mom

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  • Sci Ty

    Layla is Tweak's cousin who is 1 year younger than Tweak. Unlike Tweak and Ranger Marsh, Layla knows how to calm down animals and communicate. In a future episode, Layla is struggling to breathe but a few minutes later, Peso found out that she had a symptom dose. Peso gave Layla an arctic humidifier that she can clip on her belt on her knee length blue jean shorts. Layla has a bubbly energy and is caring to wildlife. She has a dad named Evergreen and loves him and Uncle Marsh. Evergreen loves his daughter and his niece so much. Layla's job is not reaaly difficult but, she is a healthy living expert and nutritionist.

    Layla has a white halter top with a pearl flower on it along with a seashell barrette, a braid, blue jean shorts, white sandal…

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  • Aaaaaajd


    November 20, 2016 by Aaaaaajd


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  • Carlafontinha

    Hey guys! Today, I wanna watch "The Kelp Monster Mystery" but I can't find it on YouTube! Show the full episode on the comments below!

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  • Sci Ty

    Octonaut Ages Estimate

    October 31, 2016 by Sci Ty

    Barnacles: 35

    Bianca: 35

    Orson: 5

    Ursa: 5

    Kwazii: 22

    Calico Jack: 79

    Peso: 20

    Pinto: 8

    Pogo: 46

    Shellington: 27

    Pearl: 27

    Peri: Newborn

    Dashi: 28

    Koshi: 10

    Maelyn: (from Season 5 ideas) 32

    Anna: (from Season 5 Ideas) 6

    Inkling: 68

    Squirt: 11

    Tweak: 23

    Ranger Marsh: 46

    Layla: (From Season 5 Ideas) 22

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  • Sci Ty


    October 29, 2016 by Sci Ty

    Shimmer is a spinner dolphin that Dashi babysat in The Spinner Dolphins. She is called that because of her shiny scales.

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  • Carlafontinha

    Season 5 Ideas

    October 28, 2016 by Carlafontinha

    Hey Octonauts fans! Do you want see a Octonauts Season 5? Here's the season!

    Season 5 Release Date: October 28 2016

    Number of episodes: 30

    A mako shark eats Sandy and the Octonauts rescue Sandy.

    When a giant tidal bore washes goldfishes on a tree, The Octonauts must rescue them after they die!

    Peso must overcome his fear to help an injured viperfish.

    When exploring the Antarctic, The Octonauts discover a minke whale.

    Koshi's friend Rhonda the seagull needs to find her lost chick.

    Two american eels need to get back to the river so the Octonauts help them.

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  • Sci Ty

    Storyline: Dashi babysits a baby spinner dolphin and names it, Shimmer. The rest of the crew go look for Shimmer's mother. Dashi notices that Shimmer got her tail caught in a net and she got her out. Dashi decided to get her feather duster and with a coy look on her face, she tickles Shimmer's nose and goes: Kichy Kichy Kichy!! After the crew found Shimmer's mother, they went to the surface with Dashi and she kissed Shimmer on the nose! Tweak said: AWW! She kissed a dolphin AWW! She got dolphin germs AWW! Get some disinfectant, get some hot water! Shellington explained that dolphins don't spread germs! And Tweak told the whole crew how Dashi kissed the dolphin!

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  • Amazingcocoguy923

    I completely forgot about this wiki! I am so sorry, Octonaut Fans! Please forgive me as I come up with more episodes for Season 5!

    Captain Barnacles shares the story to his crew about the captain to beat all captains. Captain Immaculate! When Captain Immaculate gets encountered in a ferocious storm, this gives Captain Barnacles the opportunity to save him.... by himself.

    When Professor Inkling practises for the Ping Pong Championships, he goes and tells his crew about his exhaustions. But to his horror, they've all disappeared! (Professor Inkling forgets that the rest of the crew are preparing a huge feast for him because of his persistence in his ping pong practices...)

    When hungry piranhas invade the Amazon River, a camouflaging clownfish c…

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  • Sci Ty

    Season 5 Special Plans

    October 24, 2016 by Sci Ty

    Storyline: Dashi has become a surfing contestant at a surfing competition. She is a bit nervous because she will be going against her own cousin, Maelyn! Dashi is practicing but right before the competition, she wipes out!

    • Dashi was a surfing teacher for 5 years
    • This is the first time that the Octonauts surf together

    Storyline: Bianca is a contestant on Arctic's Got Talent but she is too shy to sing in front of an audience. Luckily, Pearl and Koshi are here to help.

    • This is the first episode where a character sings
    • Arctic's Got Talent is a pun to America's Got Talent

    Storyline: Tweak and the Octonauts meet her mom, Aneliese and she asks about a mystical cryptid. The Octonauts have to find the gem and the scepter to bring the everglades back to l…

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  • Sci Ty

    Ask Ty Talk 3

    October 24, 2016 by Sci Ty

    Question 1: Where can we find you if you are not on Octonauts Wiki?

    A: The 7d Wiki

    Question 2: What are some nicknames you call Dashi?

    A: Surfer Girl and that's it

    Question 3: How are you doing as a traveler in training?

    A: Nice

    Question 4: How old are you?

    A: 14 years old


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  • Carlafontinha

    Hey guys! I found an episode on Creature Mysteries in Hoyts Cinemas ( The cinema's website only ), This episode did not aired on ABC Kids so here's the storyline! Tell me if is real or fake!

    The Storyline is:

    Kwazii and Tweak are doing Coconut Crisis in the beach until a mysterious creature steal one of the coconuts and Kwazii finds the coconut-stealer, but it turns out to be a Dungeness Crab.

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  • Sci Ty

    Ask Ty Talk 2

    October 17, 2016 by Sci Ty

    1: What is your favorite color?

    A. Lavender

    2: Who are other DIT's ( detectives in training )

    A. Samara Bree Ivory

    3: How old are you?

    A. 14

    That's all for today! Farewell!!

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  • Carlafontinha

    ( Dashi in her room waiting for Koshi )

    Dashi: I'm bored! It's 3:00 am! I will find out if my little sister is coming!

    ( Dashi goes to the launch bay )

    Captain Barnacles: So Dashi, who is this guest?

    Dashi: You will see!

    Tweak: Looks like he's coming, I open the octo-hatch. ( opens the octo-hatch )

    ( Koshi comes in )

    Koshi: Ok, What do we hav.... ( Gasp )

    Dashi: ( Gasp ) KOSHI!!!

    Koshi: DASHI!!!

    ( Dashi and Koshi hugging together )

    Dashi: Octonauts, Meet Koshi.

    Captain Barnacles: Hello there.

    Tweak: Howdy!

    Captain Barnacles: Wanna see the rest of the crew?

    Koshi: Sure!

    Captain Barnacles: This is Shellington.

    Shellington: Hi, You look beautiful!

    Koshi: Thanks!

    Kwazii: Hi matey, I'm Kwazii.

    Koshi: ( Koshi laughing )

    Kwazii: What's funny?!

    Koshi: Your name is funn…

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  • Sci Ty

    Ask Ty Talk 1

    October 9, 2016 by Sci Ty

    Question 1: What is Your Real Name?

    Answer: Emerson Sixtine Ramos

    Question 2: Who are your favorite characters?

    Answer: Pearl, Tweak, Dashi, Koshi, Bianca, and the twins

    Question 3: Who is your favorite user?

    Answer: Carlafontiha

    Question 4: Give me some ideas for Dashi's family

    Answer: Koshi Daschund- little sister

    Maelyn Siberian Husky - big cousin

    Anna Retriever - little cousin

    Question 5: What is DIT?

    Answer: Detectives In Training

    Question 6: Which characters are you working on?

    Hailey - Tweak's Big Sister

    Maelyn - Dashi's Cousin

    Crickette - Koshi's Fellow Detective In Training and Friend

    Victoria - Koshi's Fellow Detective In Training and Friend

    That's All Friends! Farwell!!

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  • Sci Ty

    I'm Starting An Ask Ty

    October 8, 2016 by Sci Ty

    Hi guys, just so you know I am starting an Ask Ty. You can ask anything but no spamming, inappropriate questions, or rude comments. That is all I have to say guys. BYE!

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  • Octofan2993

    The Octonauts and the Kelp Monster Mystery as aired in German and now it is also in french! The episode aired on October 3rd (yesterday) and I finally got to see it on a French website! I may not know what the characters are saying but I can still say that I saw it!

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  • Sci Ty

    Storyline: Dashi is watching Arctic's got talent and goes see the rest of the crew in the Arctic. Peso, Koshi, Venus, and someone named Marjena Louis all auditioned and got the part. Suddenly, Shellington, Kwazii, Tweak, and Dashi heard Bianca singing while cleaning. Dashi declared that Bianca is going to sing at tomorrow night's Arctic's got talent but Bianca is too shy to sing in front of an audience on how she feels about her brother. Luckily, Venus and Koshi are here to help. (Dashi, Shellington, Tweak, and Kwazii are the judges)

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  • Carlafontinha

    Season 5 Suggestions

    September 21, 2016 by Carlafontinha

    The Fish Mystery: The Octonauts discover that all the Coral Reef fish had disappeared! Tweak, Inkling, Shellington and Peso must find the fish before it's too late.

    The Killer Whales: Koshi learns how to listen Killer Whales ( Orcas ) far away and the Octonauts try to be like her.

    The Strap Toothed Whale: Kwazii, Barnacles and Peso think they seen an Orca in the Open Ocean but they don't look like that and Kwazii thinks it's the Maui Whale, but in fact it turns out to be a Strap Toothed Whale.

    The Spinner Dolphins: When a pod of 32 Spinner Dolphins get stuck in a beach, The Octonauts must help them.

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  • Sci Ty

    More Ideas For Season 5

    September 20, 2016 by Sci Ty

    The Pacific Adventure(special): Dashi and the Octonauts go to her hometown in California only to find out there was 6 hidden gems and scepters that they need to find in order to unlock it's secrets of the sea.

    The Killer Whales: Koshi has a bond between whales by dancing to their song. The Octonauts try to be like her.

    The Polar Scout meet and greet: All the polar scouts are dressed up for a meet and greet but Bianca is too scared to sing in front of the audience about how she feels about Barnacles. Featuring guest star: Leona Lewis Better in time

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  • Sci Ty

    More Season 5 Ideas

    September 18, 2016 by Sci Ty

    The Sirens Battlefield: It's the Octonauts vs. The largest shark in the world! The Octonauts risk everything they got to defeat the shark. But, In every round, there will be a last person standing!!! Who will win?

    The Dolphin Ball Game: Koshi decides to let the Octonauts play in an event of Dolphin Ball. But they think they stink at it. But will they win?

    The Polar Scout Games(movie): All the polar scouts including the twins and Bianca are going to play in the polar scout olympics. The events include gymnastics, archery, and dancing. Tracker is having trouble while Bianca sprained her ankle in a gymnastics accident but managed to recover. Will they win or lose?

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  • Sci Ty

    In the Great Cryptid Adventure Special, The cryptid is actually a mermaid gem that they needed to find and they also had to find a gem scepter then connect it. Tweak has had it with Hailey's myths. The family is on different sides. Tweak and Ranger Marsh fight with Hailey, Venus, and Aneliese. Tweak was the one who connected the gem after an important lesson

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  • Sci Ty

    Octonauts: Meet Koshi

    September 12, 2016 by Sci Ty

    Koshi is the little sister of Dashi Dog. She is 10 years old and is a fearless detective. Koshi is a fan of mystery novels and butterscotch. She mostly has her eyes glued to the book and can't take her eyes off almost ignoring people all because she wants to get to the ending! She and Dashi have a good sense of smell. Koshi has a violet purse and yellow goldish pearls in her hair. She has yellow leggings and an overall dress with a black shirt and green dress. Koshi helped the octonauts a lot! It's like what she says, together is forever!!

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  • Sci Ty


    September 2, 2016 by Sci Ty



    Sister (or Surfer)



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  • Sci Ty

    Sereniti Dog

    September 1, 2016 by Sci Ty

    Name: Sereniti

    Occupation: Detective, Dancer, Mermaid Finder

    Species: Daschund Dog


    Appearance: Kelp Monster Mystery and Season 5

    Loves: Butterscotch

    Hates: Wipeouts

    Other Friends: The Octonauts, Sea snail mom

    Known Family: Big Sister-Dashi

    Trivia: Sereniti was called a brightest angel almost 4 times

    She is good at hip hop dancing She seems to dress up for any case like if it's a fish case, she dresses up like a mermaid or if it is a dinosaur case, she dreeses up like a cave girl Read more >
  • Iuhsd


    August 25, 2016 by Iuhsd


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  • Iuhsd


    August 25, 2016 by Iuhsd


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  • Golfpecks


    August 25, 2016 by Golfpecks
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  • Sci Ty

    Sereniti: So, what is our mission today Sissy?

    Dashi: Captain?

    Barnacles: Oh yes. We need to find this little snail's babies.

    Sereniti: Perfect! Detective Sereniti is on the way!

    Dashi: Oh Sereniti! I love you so much! You're cute. Anyways Captain, we're gonna find the sea snail babies but, with a little twist! We are going to make it a game! We're gonna play detective and make our own clues!

    Barnacles: Great! Sereniti, Sound the octo alert!

    Dashi: uh, press that button.

    (Sereniti sounds the octo alert)

    Barnacles: Octonauts, to the kelp forest!

    (all octonauts go to the kelp forest)

    Barnacles: Octonauts, we have to find the missing sea snail babies. But for Sereniti, we are going to play detective and find the clues.

    Kwazii: But how do we do that Capt…

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  • Sci Ty

    Tweak: Okay. so when I was 6, we went to the doctor to get checkups. Daddy found out that I had an incurable disease. And guess what the rest of the family did about it..... Nothing! They said that I may fail my exam, you're not gonna make it, or something bad is going to happen. And so I was like, "Do you guys believe that I may pass the exam or do you know who I am?" My dad got me the right medicine and the rest were wrong! I'm still here! And I became an octonaut! It didn't paralyze me it didn't make me dizzy, it was the right one. I have to thank my daddy.

    Barnacles: For what

    Tweak: For saving me!

    Dashi: How did he save you?

    Tweak: Well, if I would have got the wrong medicine, I wouldn't be here!!

    Peso: Wow! That's risky

    Tweak: And then when…

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  • Sci Ty

    Opening Song: The lost get found; Britt Nicole

    The story is about how the octonauts met their stories of being kids.

    They sail a ship to a Hawaiian island and then they try to find the legend of the sage gem

    It's the most excellent movie because there are sailors with uniforms

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  • Sci Ty

    Dashi(in her room upside down): Okay! I am bored! You know, everyone has seen their families but me! But the special guest is coming! I guess I will go to the launch bay to wait till she comes.

    (Dashi goes to the launch bay)

    Barnacles: So Dashi, tell me about the special guest.

    Dashi: Well she is about to turn 11 years old and she is my brightest angel

    (Tweak enters the launch bay and checks the friend finder)

    Tweak: So Dashi, who is this guest?

    Dashi: You'll see!

    Barnacles: Oh, She's here. Tweak, open the octo hatch

    Tweak: You got it Cap!

    (Tweak opens the octo hatch)

    The guest: Okay! Who do we have here?

    Dashi: SERENITI!!!

    Sereniti: Dashi!

    (both hug)

    Dashi: Captain, Tweak, meet my little sister, Sereniti

    Tweak: Howdy!

    Barnacles: Hello!

    (The rest of the cr…

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  • Sci Ty

    Everyone invites their families including Sereniti,Pinto,Squirt,Bianca and the twins, and Pearl. But things take a little a bit of a change! There were not treating the others like they were supposed to! there is no crying of the children but Bianca breaks down because of the behavior. Meanwhile..Dashi's sister, Sereniti who is 10 is behaving like a big girl but doesn't get attention and gets yelled at for no reason. Dashi decided to let the octonauts and their family take a trip for 3 days on a vacation to Malibu California, Dashi's hometown and she thinks that the trip will help everyone work together! Let's hope this episode comes on soon! They also try to communicate and come together by singing songs. If this episode comes on, I will …

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  • Carlafontinha

    Season 5 has'nt started yet, so here are the new episodes and new specials ideas:

    1: The Bunny Family Mystery ( See in Sci Tyl's blog Season 5 )

    2: The Salmon

    3: The Porpoise

    4: The Fossil Discovery

    5: The Box Jellyfish

    6: The Pilot Whale

    7: The Dugong

    8: The Herring

    9: The Leopard Shark

    10: The Lamprey 

    11: The Stingray

    12: The Sea Lion

    13: The Turtle Hatchling Rescue

    14: The Strap Toothed Whale

    15: The Bull Sharks

    16: The Herring

    17: The Mallard

    18: The Hippos

    19: The Southern Right Whale

    20: The Seagulls

    21: The Clownfish

    22: The Squid School

    23: The Olive Ridley Sea Turtle

    24: The Fin Whale

    25: The Needlefish

    26: The Commerson's Dolphin

    27: The King Crab

    28: The Playful Paddlefish

    29: The Black Archer

    Upcoming and Future Episodes:

    30: The Monk Seal ( Upcoming )

    31: T…

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  • Sci Ty

    Lilli is Dashi's shy little sister. She is first seen in the special, Kelp Monster Mystery. She was about to turn 11 years old and she is full of energy! Dashi thinks that she is her brightest angel. Lilli likes playing detective and loves riddles. She always wanted to swim like mermaids and is a great problem solver and dancer. Lilli has two ponytails and yellow pearls in her hair. Lilli also has a black shirt and a green overall dress with yellow leg warmers and sage sneakers. For an accessory, Lilli has a violet shoulder purse. She also has freckles but now, her name is changed to Sereniti.

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  • Sci Ty

    Tweak sings: You belong with me

    Dashi, Tweak, and Pearl sing: Love me like you do x Sugar x See you again

    Tweak's sister(Venus bunny family mystery) sings: pocketful of sunshine

    Shellington and Pearl sing: Stitches

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  • Sci Ty

    Season 5 Ideas

    July 18, 2016 by Sci Ty

    Here are some suggestions for Octonauts season 5:

    The Great Cryptid Adventure: Tweak and the octonauts take the GUP K to visit Ranger Marsh and Tweak's mom, Aneleise, her Big sister, Hailey, and her little sister, Venus. Tweak and Venus fight a lot and so does Marsh and Aneliese. However, 29 year old Hailey hasn't talked to her dad in ages from Aneliese's previous marriage. Tweak tells a story about her childhood and how the family has different relationships. And she has a family meeting where Venus walks out on her. Aneliese heard about a secret cryptid in the Everglades but instead, it's in the summer city of Orlando, Florida! The octonauts have to watch out for cars, tall buildings, and elevators. Luckily, 16 year old Venus Bunny is a c…

    Read more >
  • Sci Ty

    In Octonauts history, everyone except Dashi has seen their families. Dashi is going to have a little sister. I had some suggestions of names: Jenny, Sky, or Kelly. If you have a name for her little sister, leave a post here. I actually have the perfect name......................LILLI! I really want to name Dashi's sister so I have made my decision that her name is going to be.......................................................SERENITI!

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  • Bruninhorangel7

    Bruno's Books

    July 8, 2016 by Bruninhorangel7

    Season 1: Octonauts and the Stingray Octonauts and the Hatchetfish Octonauts and the Fin Whale Octonauts and the Mallard Octonauts and the Pilot Whales Season 2: Octonauts and the Needlefishes Octonauts and the Turtle Hatchling Rescue Octonauts and the Lamprey Season 3: Octonauts and the Tiger Shark Octonauts and the Commerson's Dolphin Season 4: Octonauts and the Albatross Octonauts and the Box Jellyfish ( Upcoming Book ) Octonauts and the Dugong ( Upcoming Book ) Octonauts and the Sea Lion ( Upcoming Book )

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  • Bruninhorangel7

    Season 5 Idea

    June 21, 2016 by Bruninhorangel7

    If season 5 be created episodes be: 1: The Stingray 2: The Leopard Shark 3: The Porpoise 4: The Scared Swell Shark 5: The Shark Hoilday ( Special Episode ) 6: The Zebra Shark 7: The Needlefish 8: The Guitarfish 9: The Seagulls 10: The Sea Lion 11: The Dugong 12: The Southern Right Whale 13: The Bull Shark 14: The Mallard 15: The Herring 16: The Salmon 17: The Pilot Whale 18: The Albatross 19: The Box Jellyfish 20: The Flounder 21: The Strap Toothed Whale 22: The Viperfish 23: The Flatfish 24: The Fin Whale 25: The Commerson's Dolphin Let in the comments if you like the idea!

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  • SomeGirlWhoEditsStuff


    June 12, 2016 by SomeGirlWhoEditsStuff

    Who is your faveroute vegimal? There are so many!

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  • Bruno rangel

    Season 0

    May 14, 2016 by Bruno rangel

    If season 0 will be created episodes be:

    1: The Love of Hank and Trixie

    Storyline: Shellington and Peso watch Hank and Trixie on a love and get a baby named Harixie and he escapes and the octonauts will find him.

    2: The Reef Shark

    Storyline: When a reef shark go to the octopod, He actully tried to eat tunip's fish biscuits.

    3: The Strap Toothed Whale

    Storyline: In the antartic ocean the octonauts think they seen an orca and kwazii thinks is a humpaaaaaaa a whale that shoots lasers in her mouth but it turns out to be a strap toothed whale that is swimming very fast.

    4: The Dugong

    Storyline: While testing the octo-cam Kwazii and Tweak finds a dugong named Otto which seprated from his pod.

    5: The Sea Lion

    Storyline: Dashi's friend Annie the sea lion w…

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  • ThesePawsUpholdtheLaws

    I'm back and better than ever guys but I won't be on that much tho... 

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  • ElgineLachica

    I'm really excited to finish this!I wanted to make a new transcript after it.I don't know what is it, but I'm working on my yet transcript right away.I really hope you like it!

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  • Amazingcocoguy923

    S04E09 The Convict Fish was very exciting shown to excellence and bravery. In the beginning, 'Mama' was a bit stubborn to come out of her burrow! On the other hand, 'Gilbert' was very cute and a little bit cheeky. Peso had the careful flippers of a medic (as said in the episode) of rescuing 'Gilbert!' Not forgetting to mention that the Vegimals sang their song in 'Vegimalese' while digging into the tunnel! Cute, like always.

    Overall: Fantastic episode. S04E10 The Emperor Penguins review is coming soon...

    Hope to see you soon, explorers! 

    From amazingcocoguy923.

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