FanFic p.1

[Shellington, Barrot,Tunip, and the other vegimals arrive to see Dashi looking up the weather,and Inkling looking at the map to the cave.] Professor Inkling Octopus [hopping out of the chair]: Shellington,Dashi,Kwazii,Vegimals,time to go. Shellington: I should give Dashi a cookie. Shellington: Hi Dashi, want a cookie? Dashi Dog:Yeah, I guess so. [blushes and gets a cookie.] Kwazii Cat: Seems you guys are in love,right? Cause if you are,I'll post you kissing on the internet. Shellington and Dashi [both smiling,laughing and blushing]: Kwazii! [Kwazii laughs,too.] (In the hallway) [Dashi and Shellington hold hands not paying attention to what's in front of them] [Tweak bumps into Dashi] Dashi: Whoa! Tweak Bunny: I'm so sorry Dashi,are you okay? Dashi: I'm okay Tweak. Shellington: Tweak hit you pretty hard, are you okay? Dashi [blushing]: Thanks for caring, Shellington! I'm fine. (At the Launch Bay...) Captain Barnacles Bear: Peso,into the Gup-A with me,Kwazii,you're in Gup B. Tweak: Peso's right! Dashi: Shellington! Shellington: Where is Dashi? Tweak: Over there! She's about to be hit! Shellington: Dashi, nooooooo! [Shellington grabs Dashi's hand and runs] (When the other Octonauts got out, Dashi and Shellington were on the ground staring at each other) Dashi: Thanks Shellington! You saved me Shellington:As long as you're safe, I'm okay! (Shellington and Dashi blush at each other than kiss) [Tunip faints and Barrot goes over to help him] Peso: Flappity Flippers Inkling: Indeed Kwazii [interupting Professor Inkling]: I KNEW IT, I KNEW YOU GUYS WERE IN LOVE WAIT TILL EVERYONE SEES THIS! [ Kwazii takes out his iPod Touch and records them kissing] I GOT IT,YES!!!!!!!!!!!! (Sings) YOU GUYS ARE KISSING, YOU GUYS ARE KISSING, YOU GUYS ARE KISSING HA HA HA! All the Octonauts (exept Shellington and Dashi because they were still kissing and Tunip because he fainted) were laughing [Dashi and Shellington stop kissing] Shellington: I call Dashi's tent! Dashi: Super! [Tunip wakes up] Tunip: Buk duo doo {Translation:Thanks for waking me up, Barrot!] Barrot: Zooba Zooba {Translation:You're welcome Tunip} Shellington [looking on his Kindle Fire]: Who posted this video of Dashi and me on Youtube?? Kwazii: Oh...I have no idea?? Who did it!! Was it you, Inkling, or was it Peso, maybe it was Barrot, no it was Tweak. Dashi: KWAZII! [All of the Octonauts, including Dashi and Shellington laugh.

FanFic p.2

Captain Barnacles Bear: Hi,Tweak. [He blushes.] Tweak Bunny: Hi,Cap! [Blushes back.] Kwazii Cat: It seems like you guys........... ARE IN LOVE! Barnacles & Tweak [in unison]: No, we are not, Kwazii! [embarrased] (Later, that evening... at HQ...) Barnacles: Listen,Tweak... Tweak: Yes,Cap? Barnacles: I think.. I am in love with you. Tweak: Same thing! [Barnacles pulls out a ring] Barnacles: Tweak Bunny, will you mary me? Tweak: YES CAP YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [They kiss] Kwazii Cat [pops out of nowhere, shouting]: A-ha! I knew it! CAPTAIN AND TWEAK SITTING IN A TREE K-I-S-S-I-N-G FIRST COMES LOVE AND NOW COMES A RING THEN COMES A BEAUTIFUL OCTO-WEDDING Barnacles & Tweak [laughing]: Kwazii! [Dashi drives the Octopod to Hawaii] (On the beach in Hawaii) Professor Inkling Octopus [fighting with Shellington]: As the founder of the Octonauts, I have a right to run the wedding! Shellington Sea Otter: Well it doesn't say on your files that you are able to be the justice of the peace Inkling: Those are personal Shellington: Not any more [Inkling gasps] [Peso whistles] Peso Penguin: Stop fighting, Professor Inkling can be the justice of the peace! Shellington: Fine Inkling: Barrot you're the best man,Tunip you can be the JR best man,Kwazii and Peso can be honorary best men,Shellington can be the ring bearer,the Vegimals can be the music players, Dashi can be the bridesmaide, and I'm the justice of the peace! Barrot and Tunip: ZOOBA ZOOBA! {Translation:Here comes Tweak} [Tweak gets to Barnacles] Inkling: Do you Tweak take Barnacles to be your husband? Tweak:I do! Inkling: Do you Barnacles take Tweak to be you're wife? Barnacles: I do [Tweak and Barnacles kiss] [Shellington puts on Barnacles and Tweak's rings] All of the Octonauts:Bye guys!Enjoy you honymoon! [Tweak throws the bouquet of flowers] [Dashi catches them!] [Dashi and Shellington blush and giggle, but that's a whole different story]

FanFic p.3

Professor Inkling :Barrot could you ask Shellington for his magnifying glass. Barrot: Buk doo doopla(Translation:I'm busy but I can have Tunip do it) Barrot: Bopoponquop (Translation: Tunip go get Shellington's magnifying glass) (Tunip gets it and brings it back) Inkling:Oh now I can see the krill in the photo! (All octonauts hear the radio come on) Captain Barnacles: Calling all octonauts! Come to the launch bay as fast as you can. Dashi: What's going on? Tweak: After I got married to Captain Barnacles, We did some stuff, and now I am pregnant! Shellington: Congratulations Tweak! Kwazii: What's all the noise?I'm trying to work Peso: Tweak is pregnant! Kwazii: What does that mean? Inkling: It means that Tweak is going to have a baby! Tunip : Sheepa Cooopohn! (Translation: How exciting is that?) Kwazii:Yeow! That's good news!Congrats to you two! (shakes Barnacles paw) Captain Barnacles:Aww,thanks Kwazii.(smiles) Tweak:Come on Cap,let's find out if it's a boy or girl! Peso: I'll get some baby toys right here! (Looks) Peso: It's 2 babies, a Male Cub and a Female Bunny! She will have the babies tomorrow! (That night everyone was asleep then...) (Octo-alert goes off) Dashi: Octonauts to the HQ! Inkling: What's going on Dashi? Dashi: Tweak's in labor! Peso: I've never helped give birth to a baby, even in medical school. Barnacles: Dashi activate launch and manual steering Dashi: I'm on it Captain! (They get to the underwater hospital) Kwazii: We need you're help doctors! Inkling: Into there! (Babies are given birth to...) Tweak: Wow,they're cute! Barnacles: I think so too! All of them: Awwwww. Captian Barnacles : (yawns) Octonauts who sounded the octo alert? What's wrong? Professor Inkling : As the founder of the octonauts, I am proud to say that Juan and Juliana (Tweak and Captain's kids) will be in octo-training tomorrow! Dashi: Wow! Kwazii: Yeow! Peso : Super! Shellington : Very Nice! Tunip: Cheepa Cheepa Bree Bree! {Translation: Great Great!} Barrot: Buckaopfqop {Translation: Awesome!!} Other Vegimals: Joppok {Translation: Cool!} Tweak: Cap did you hear that? Our babies are going to be octonauts! Barnacles: Yes!! (The next morning) Inkling (while swimming out of the octo-hatch): Good morning Peso! Peso: Good morning Professor! Inkling: Good morning Shellington! Shellington: Good morning Inkling! Inkling: Is everyone ready to watch Juan and Juliana learn? Everyone: Yes! Juliana: Wow! The Octopod! Juan: Cool!! Inkling: First test! A sting ray is stuck! You don't want to get stung so what do you do? Both Juan and Juilana: Kill it! Inkling: Heavens no! You put on your sting proof gloves and help it! How about a squid has a hurt tentacle.What do you do? Both Juan and Juliana: Hurt the other ones so they match! Inkling: NO! You don't understand your own implications do you? There will be consequences if you hurt a creature! Juan: What does implications mean? Inkling: Oh my! We'll try again tomorrow Juliana: Aww! (The next morning) Barnacles (while peeking out of his window): Oh no! Those whales are stuck in a fishing net and the net is guarded by a hungry shark! (Runs to the HQ) Barnacles: Calling all octonauts! Kwazii: Kwazii Peso: Peso Shellington: Shellington Dashi: Dashi Professor Inkling: Inkling Tweak: Tweak Tunip: Turnup {translation: Tunip} Barrot: Beeot {translation: Barrot) Other Vegimals: Veveemals {translation: Vegimals} Barnacles: Octonauts! Those whales are trapped! Our mission is to help them! Kwazii, Peso into the Gup A! Juliana: Juan, the Whales are trapped so we should help to prove our worth. once everyone's gone we'll sneak out in the gups! Juan: good idea! Barnacles: (growls) Mr. Shark could you please move Shark: Mmmm Lunch is served Barnacles: Back in the gup! Kwazii: Yeow! He is hungry alright! Peso: Hopefully not for pengiuns! Barnacles: Shellington, Dashi, My Wife (Tweak), Vegimals into the Gup E! Shark: MMM more lunch served! Tweak: Back in the gup back in the gup! Barnacles: Professor Inkling Professor Inkling: Inkling here Captain Captain Barnacles: I know you don't go out on missions but could you please come and help? Inkling: Why yes! I'll come in the Gup B! (Get's there) Shark: Mmmm Even more lunch served! Inkling (while squirting out ink): Oh my!!!! back in the gup! Juan: They're gone! Hurry Juan Takes The Gup D and Juliana Takes the Gup C Peso: It's hopeless! (Juan Pinches the shark with with the Gup D's crab claw) Shark: Oww! Lunch is cancelled! (Juliana uses the Gup C's tow line to get the net off of the whales) Inkling: You have proved to us that you can do this, you are now Octonauts Juan and Juliana! Everyone: HIP HIP HOORAY!

FanFic p.4

Tweak: Juan, Juliana, Cap and I have a present for you! Juliana: Oh What? Barnacles: You two get your very own bedrooms right here in the octopod! Juan: Awesome! Dashi (who is in the room with Shellington): They are a wonderful couple and they had Juan and Juliana and they are married! We're just dating. Shellington: Hey, why not have a wedding? Dashi: OK! Barnacles (Over the loud speaker in the octopod): Attention Octonauts, Shellington and Dashi are getting married! All octonauts and vegimals: Woo hoo! (In the HQ...) Inkling: Now, Shellington just like Captain and Tweak's wedding I can be the justice of the peace! Shellington: Excuse me! Inkling (fighting with shellington): You're the one getting married, you can't be the justice of the peace. Shellington: Still since i'm the groom i'll get to run the wedding Inkers! Inkling: My name is NOT Inkers! And as you said at Captain and Tweak's wedding to me, It says that in your files that you cannnot be the justice of the peace! Shellington: Excuse me! Those are personal! Inkling: Not anymore! (Walks off) {In a Mocking tone: "Excuse me"!} Shellington: Professor, wait! It says that in your files too. Inkling: Well it does say that a person of god should do it, so I got a degree as a bishop! Call me Professor Bishop or just Inkling, it doesn't matter! It just goes to show you that I can be the Justice of the Peace! Shellington: Fine! (Captain Barnacles steers the Octopod to Hawaii just like His and Tweak's wedding) (When they get to Hawaii...) Peso: Can I be ring bearer? Shellington: Sure! Inkling: So it's that easy to say yes to Peso about a place in the wedding? (Meanwhile...) Tweak: I know i'm a tomboy type of rabbit but I know how to make you rock that wedding dress Dashi! Dashi: Perfect! Kwazii: Yeow, Is the dress done yet? Tweak: Done! Kwazii: Dashi, Shellington will love you! He asked me to be the best man! (Back in the Octopod...) Inkling: Tunip, you and the other vegimals can play music! Tunip, Barrot, and the Other Vegimals: Zooba Zooba! [Translation: Super Super!] Shellington: Ok to make everything official, Dashi is the bride, I am the groom, Kwazii is the best man, Peso is the ring bearer, Inkling is the Justice of the peace, Tweak is the bride's made, Tunip and the Vegimals are in charge of music, and...Wait! We forgot a flower girl, ummm...Barrot I know you're a boy but you can be a flower boy! Barrot: Buck speeggmkontuse: [Translation: Yes I will] Shellington: Perfect then! Peso: We are staying at Maui's fanciest hotel! Shellington and Dashi get the fancy penthouse room! Shellington: Alright let's go then! (They go out of the octopod and into the hotel room) (Next Morning, the wedding day) Inkling: Shellington Sea Otter do you take Dashi Puppy Dog as your wife? Shellington: I Shellington take you, Dashi, to be my wife. I promise to be true to you for better for worse, in sickness and in health. I will love you and honor you all the days of my life. Inkling: Dashi Puppy Dog do you take Shellington Sea otter as your husband? Dashi: I Dashi, take you, Shellington, to be my husband. I promise to be true to you for better for worse, in sickness and in health. I will love you and honor you all the days of my life. Inkling: Both say I do Shellington and Dashi: I do! Inkling: Make them a wonderful couple lord! Bless Shellington and Dashi and however many kids they have! Juan and Juliana: Sorry we are late!! Shellington: Wait a minute! Juliana could have been the flower girl INKERS! Inkling: I didn't do anything and my name is not Inkers for the FINAL time! Shellington: excuse me!

Random stories

1. Every Christmas Tunip and his vegimal friends out a mistletoe somewhere around the octopod, that sometimes leads to someone kissing someone. Usually it only lead to Shellington nuzzling dashi or just peso getting kissed by Kwazii. But one day tweak was walking around the octopod until she bumps into barnacles and his eyes widen. Tweak thought someone turned the octo-alert on. But when she looked up they were under a mistletoe. She had a little crush on the captain but she never had a great time to tell him. She just thought barnacles would just shake her hand or just hug her. She sighed but before she can walk away barnacles kisses tweaks check quickly and says "Tweak.. I never told you this but... I had a crush on you and I love you so much" he kisses her again and he walks away. "NO WAIT I ALSO LOVED YOU TOO!" Tweak yells out. Barnacles blushes and he smiles and waves with a smile. Tweak waves back and she hides her blushed face with her ears. To be continued


Tweak flopped down on her bed, sighing heavily. It had been a long day and she was exhausted. The Gups had been in a state and she had to clean them. For the last few days, she hadn't been getting much sleep, always staying up late at night to get things clean and fixed for the next morning. When finally she got to bed, she slept like a log, but always had to get up early to get everything ready for a mission. She was tired, but didn't tell anyone about it, fearing she might be looked down on and thought to be under standards at her job. Tweak fell asleep, her troubles ceasing to harass her in sleep. But when she woke up, they would just come back, niggling at her even more... Tweak was up early next morning, all the other Octonauts still fast asleep in bed. She prepared the Gups and oiled all the motors, then as the others came down ready to go out, she quickly ate a few carrots that would keep her going for a while. The Captain, Kwazii, Peso, Shellington and Dashi were all going out on a big mission. She opened the Octo-Hatch and waved them off, then decided to design the suits that Captain Barnacles had been wanting for a while. Hours later, she stood up, satisfied with her work. Five gleaming new suits lay on the work desk. She knew that the other Octonauts would be coming back soon, so she went up to the HQ where the Vegimals were preparing fish biscuits and kelp cakes. She took a few and began to munch, sitting in a corner of the room. After a while, the other Octonauts came up, chattering excitedly about their adventures. Captain Barnacles started to play a rousing ditty on his accordion, and Peso came to join in with the xylophone. Dashi, Shellington and Kwazii were all talking about what creatures they had saved that day. No-one came over to talk to Tweak. Eventually, she grew tired of the chatter. She was getting a slight head ache, but she wasn't too worried. She went down to the Launch Bay, hoping for a good night's sleep for once. As she came into the Launch Bay, her jaw dropped. She was filled with dismay at the scene before her. All the Gups that had been taken out were in ruins and the Launch Bay was a mess. Whole chunks were missing out of the Gup A and the control panel was waterlogged and falling apart. There were bumps and bangs all over the Gup E, and as for the Gup B, driven by Kwazii... well, it wasn't a pretty sight. Tweak felt sick. Her head was throbbing now and her paws were raw and exhausted from making all those suits. But she couldn't just leave them. She took the brush and tool kit from the side and got to work. Tears came to her eyes as she scrubbed, angry tears. She was so stressed out already. This would be a whole night's work, she knew it. Her body was aching as she slipped into the water to assess the damage on the bottom of the Gups. They were as bad as the top of them. This was going to be a lot of work... Hours later, she couldn't hear the music or chatter any more. It was already eleven at night and all the other Octonauts had probably gone to sleep. She got out of the water and slumped in a corner next to the control panel. She sobbed openly, clutching her knees. Her throat was dry and her head hurt badly. The work on the Gups was barely started. It was too much work for one person. She was so distraught and her sobs were so long and loud, she didn't hear the Octo-Chute hatch open and someone come through. She just kept sobbing, her head between her knees, feeling like the world was on her shoulders. Dashi had just come down to check something on the engines, but when she heard the sobs and saw the green bunny crying under the control panel, she rushed to her side to comfort her, her original purpose forgotten. "Tweak! Oh no, what's wrong? Tweak, you can talk to me. Don't worry!" Dashi put her arm around tweaks shoulders, allowing Tweaks head to rest on her shoulder. Dashi was worried. Tweak hardly ever cried. She was always happy and never stressed. But, Dashi realized as she looked at the chaos in the Launch Bay, Tweak had been holding back, not telling anyone her troubles. For the first time she realized how tired Tweak looked, the dark circles under her eyes. How hard she had been working recently. She obviously hadn't been sleeping often, feeling that she needed to do all the work overnight. Also Tweak obviously wasn't well. Her head was burning hot, burning with fever. Dashi knew she had to do something fast. She reached up and put her hand on the button that allowed her to contact the Octonauts. She contacted Captain Barnacles. "Captain, come to the Launch Bay quickly! There's something wrong with Tweak!" She looked down at the green rabbit, still sobbing, but quietly now. She was slipping into unconsciousness. Dashi held her friend close. "Don't worry, Tweak. Help is on the way!" A few minutes later, the captain came into the Launch Bay. He surveyed the chaos in shock, then saw Dashi with an unconscious Tweak in her arms. "Oh no! Dashi, what's wrong?" "I think she has a fever, Captain. She was crying on the floor when I came down. She hasn't been sleeping well recently. She has been fixing the Gups late into the night." The Captain lifted her gently into his arms. "Dashi, tell Peso we have an emergency." "I'm already on it, captain!" Dashi quietly told peso of what had happened, then followed the Captain to the Sick Bay. Peso was checking Tweak over when Dashi arrived. The Captain was standing next to her bed, looking worried. "Will she be all right, peso?" Dashi asked. "Yes, she will. But she has a fever. She is overworked and stressed and she needs sleep. She hasn't slept well for days." Peso was covering Tweak up and giving her some medicine. "I feel so bad that Tweak is so stressed. I can't believe we didn't notice how tired she was!" The Captain looked tired himself. Peso told him and Dashi that they should sleep. "I can handle it from here. Tweak needs to rest." The Captain and Dashi nodded, then went off to their rooms. Tweak opened her eyes to find herself in her room. She stretched and was amazed to see she wasn't tired any more. The last thing she remembered was Dashi asking her what was wrong and comforting her. But what was she doing here? She didn't feel the headache or throat ache any more. She lifted her head and saw on her bedside table a bunch of juicy carrots and a note. She opened it and started to read. "Dear Tweak We hope you are feeling better and we are sorry for all the work we have put you through recently. We didn't realize that you were staying up so late to clean and fix the Gups. From now on we'll all work on the Gups, not just you. Hope you enjoy the carrots Love from The Octonauts PS. Tunip and the Vegimals say Zooba Zooba!" Tweak smiled as she rolled up the note and bit into a carrot, which was super juicy. She knew she wouldn't have to worry about anything now. She walked out and looked at the Launch Bay which was gleaming clean. Evidently all the Octonauts had worked hard. She was lucky to have such good friends. She headed up to the HQ, to see all her friends smiling at her. She smiled back. The Captain came up to her. "We are so sorry Tweak. If we had realized..." "Don't worry about it Cap! I'm fine now!" She sat down and joined in the conversations around her. She was home at last!

Octonaut better estimate ages


Captain barnacles- 29

Kwazii. - 21

Peso. - 17

Tweak. - 23

Dashi. - 25

Shellington. - 27

Tunip. - 4

Proffesor inkling. - 65