1. REDIRECT Template:GupThe Gup-B is a fast Gup that is Kwazii's favorite. It is orange with the face of a shark on the front. It looks like a shark. This is one of the only Gups to have one seat.


  • Has an eject button to help Kwazii escape in emergencies.
  • Has a turbo-button for Turbo power.
  • Has retractable pectoral fins and moving tail fins for flight.
  • Has a tiger shark camouflage.


  • Some fish like the Humuhumunukunukuapua'as mistake the Gup-B for a shark and get scared.
  • Kwazii once said that he painted the shark teeth on the Gup-B himself.
  • The Gup-B obtains retractable pectoral fins and tail in The Flying Fish.
  • Like the Gup-D, outside of flying fish mode, there is no visible way for the guy to move forward.