The Gup-F was a pedal powered Gup. It was the first Gup Tweak has ever built, and also as the slowest one. But it was helpful when there was no other Gup to use, like it was in episode "The Speedy Sailfish". It was destroyed by the first part of a hurricane in the episode "The Artificial Reef". It was then turned into an artificial reef to protect the creatures who lived in a small reef which was also destroyed by the hurricane.

The Gup-F was made to look like a clownfish. It also doesn't have any real interior or exterior, just a basic metal frame.

Name: Gup-F

Colour: Grey/None

Best Feature: Backup Gup

Size: Medium

Shape: Unknown

Best Driver: Tweak


  • Help the Octonauts when no other Gups are ready at the moment.


  • This is the first and only pedaled powered gup.
    Images f

    The Octonauts riding the Gup-F

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