The Gup S is a Gup that splits into two so it can travel on land and in water. It is an Antarctic exploration vehicle first seen in the 6th special episode The Over Under Adventure. unlike the Gup-X, it can split in 2 sections. It is built to look like a narwhal.


The Gup-S appears on the "Over Under Adventure". It is one of the newest Gups.


  • Shaped like a Narwhal
  • Has an ice proof camera
  • Can detach into two parts
  • Can explore under and over the ice
  • Has snow spikes for snow
  • Fresh Water Mode ( Revaled in ??? )

Gup Close-Up


The front piece of the Gup-S.


  • Has a heated ice drill (which broke once in the hidden lake)
  • Drill can cut through thick ice
  • Can go at extreme speeds
  • Has skis
  • While reconnecting drivers use the "Ice Spy"
  • The drill resembles a narwhal "horn"
  • Has a hot cocoa machine
  • Has a telescope on top
  • Has a powerful turbine engine
  • Has wheels that can have snow spikes
  • Can shoot a red flare from the telescope
  • Drill can turn red to make it a heated drill to melt ice
  • Legs and wheels that can rise up
  • Has a rescue line


  • Has a warming station/creature tank
  • Has tank like tracks
  • Has an antifreeze system near the engine
  • Two bunk beds for long missions
  • Has a small workplace
  • Has wheels that can have snow spikes
  • Wheels that can rise up
  • Has a rescue line