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Long Armed Squid

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The long armed squid only apperead in one episode. Kwazii was telling ghost stories and Peso got frightend but when Captain Barnacles called for a large whining so Captain Barnacles, Peso, and Kwazii went out to investigate they ended up going to an old Shipwreck so peso got frightend because there was a shipwreck in the story but he got brave and went in. they all split up. Peso then finally found kwazzi and when they turned around when an elbow bunbed them they found a large white large squid. They screamed in panic and Captain Barnacles came and told them it was a long armed squid. Then the Squid explained that he was moaning to get someones attention because his arm was tied around a pole in the ship. Peso came to the rescue and quickly untied the arm and bandaged it up. The long armed squid thanked them and they lefted.
Octonauts and the Long Armed Squid S02E1111:04

Octonauts and the Long Armed Squid S02E11

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