The Long Armed Squid(also known as bigfin squid or magnapinna squid) is a squid that looks like a ghost. His tentacles were tangled and the strange noise he made was a call for help. He was trapped in the ship Kwazii and Peso were exploring in. Though he is shy, he is part of Kwazii's spooky pirate stories. In Kwazii's terms, The Long Armed Squid was called a "Sea Ghost". 
Long Armed Squid(Creature)


This squid has elbows, which no other squid has, and is quite pale; in real life, they're as white as the moon. The elbows stretch with the real tentacles for a long distance, sometimes over 30 ffff. The fin on his head is a little bit see through, and it is quite big compared to his body. In the episode Octonauts and the Long Armed Squid it was revealed to be that his fins are transparent.(see-through)

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