Octo-Max Suit
Octo-Max Suit


Octo-Max Suit


Light Green


Very Small


Thick Deep Sea Suit

Best Feature

Small Size

Best Driver


Octo-Max Suit-1-

Dashi in the OctoMax suit

The Octo-Max Suit is a mixture of a diving suit and a Gup designed by Tweak and Dashi. It is as strong as a

Gup, but smaller than any of them. On the end of its robotic arms can be either two mechanic claws or one mechanic claw and a jack hammer. It also has a front view camera, side view cameras and a back view camera. It can be attached to anything because it can attach to a gup then it can attach to anything.


Although it's useful for clearing debris,it's limited oxygen can cause the driver to become a little nauseous, therefore, it must only be used for very deep emergency missions.

It also is a bit heavier than the reinforced dive suits the other octo-nauts wear in deep sea missions,further reinforcing why it might only be used for emergency purposes


  • Jack hammer
  • Mechanic claws
  • Small size
  • Has a booster under the shoes
  • Can be attached to a gup
  • Has cameras
  • Has a snack shooter
  • Has a light on top

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