Ranger Marsh and his daughter Tweak

Ranger Marsh is a park ranger in the Everglades, USA. He is Tweak's Dad who is seen in the Season 4 special The Great Swamp Search, however, doesn't know how or why his daughter Tweak builds such confusing things.
Ranger Marsh Card

Ranger Marsh's character card

The only piece of tech that he has is a very old radio that does not work well at all (most of the time). He always does things the "Old School" way (using his bare paws to catch fish, or using a net to catch runaway lizards) but he soon learns how important Tweak's inventions really are when he gets stuck in the mud while rescuing a python egg. Tweak comes to his rescue with her Octo-grabbers and he soon gets his own Octo-tablet so he can talk to his daughter whenever he wants, but he holds it upside down most of the time.