Episode Number Title
1 "Octonauts and the Great Penguin Race"  (2010-12-13)
Peso is going home to Antartica to watch an annual penguin Triathalon, the Iron Clam Competition, but learns to his dismay that his little brother Pinto has entered him in it. Peso will have to slide, dive and swim his way to victory, against the annual winner, Hugo.
2 "Octonauts and the Great Christmas Rescue"  (2011-12-24)
The Octonauts travel for Christmas to Professor Inkling childhood home, an underwater mountain, but soon find that they're involved in a rescue mission when there is a rockslide endangering some rare coral and Inkling's nephew Squirt
3 "Octonauts and the Amazon Adventure" (2012-11ddddD320ss322dfahhhhhhhhhhhhhhdsfsdj
In an old shipwreck Kwazii finds half of a treasure. Professor Inkling tells him that it is a medallion, Kwazii tells him that it is a map to the hidden town in the Amazon River. All of the Octonauts except Inkling and Barrot go to the amazon. A tide from the ocean splits the octonauts apart. Kwazii finds his grandfather Calico Jack, the famous pirate! Calico Jack helps Kwazii find the Octonauts and the Tresure (with some trouble along the way).