1.What's this :

Reef Lobster,Snaping Shrim or Hermit Crab?

It's a snapping shrimp. -DarkLee64

Snapping Shrimp - Kwazii12

2. In the great penguin race Some creatures that want the ice clam.Who they be?

1.Baiji,Beluga Whales,Giant Squid.

2.Dolphin,Humpack Whale,Giant Squid.

3.Dolphin,Norwhal,Collosal Squid.

2 (Dolphin, Humpback Whale, Giant Squid) -DarkLee64

2 - Dolphin, Humpback Whale, Colossal Squid - Kwazii12

3.In the episode Combtooth Blenny

The last Creature was

1.Blue fish

2.Angler fish

3.Giant Squid

1 (Blue Fish) -DarkLee64

2.Angler fish - Kwazii12

When you do it you've get Badge "Arapaima arrived!"

Good Luck!

Dinosaur Pasha

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