The Dwarf Lantern Shark
Season 1, Episode 44
Dwarf Lanternshark Episode 44.mp4.crdownload 000144240
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The Marine Iguanas
The Pirate Parrotfish

The Octonauts travel with a Whale Shark into the Midnight Zone until Peso discovers the world's tiniest shark, a Dwarf Lantern Shark. He gets washed away by the whale shark. Although the Octonauts think Peso is making it up, they search for him and now Kwazii and Peso are lost too! However, fortunately, Peso gets the idea of clicking the deep-sea suit light on and off, which proves effective. Shellington and Captain Barncales then find the two, and they swim back to the GUP-A.

Creature Report

Dwarf Lantern Shark

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