The Fiddler Crabs
Season 02, Episode 12
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The Octopod's periscope breaks off during a storm and lands up on a beach, lost amongst other marine debris. The Octonauts clean up the beach whilst searching for the periscope but a resident colony of fiddler crabs mistake the GUP-D and its claw gestures for a hostile giant crab and attack. These crabs are also making it no easier for the Octonauts, since the fiddler crabs were pinching the three. The GUP-D goes haywire with a fiddler crab at the controls and burrows under the beach causing a sinkhole to appear which almost swallows them all up. In the end the crabs fill the hole in with the sand balls they regurgitate whilst feeding.

Creature Report

Fiddler Crab


When Tunip and the vegimals say "Uh-oh!", Codish's voice can be heard.