The Giant Spider Crab
Season 1, Episode 50
Octonauts spidercrab
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The Octonauts learn that Kwazii is afraid of spiders as he travels in an unexplored part of the ocean and hears a loud thumping sound as he finds something that looks like a strange plant. As he looks up, he discovers that they aren't plants but there are 8 legs that belong to some creature that looked like a giant spider! So the Octonauts get in the Gup-A and find the giant spider only to discover that it's a giant spider crab with a giant clam clamped onto one of the spider crab's legs. So in order to help free the spider crab's leg, Captain Barnacles encourages Kwazii to face his fear and save the spider crab so he can get to his birthday party on time.

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A Giant Spider Crab