The Hidden Lake
Season 04, Episode 02
The Hidden Lake
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The Octopod Mystery

The Hidden Lake is Season 4 Episode 2 of the Octonauts series. The Octonauts explore Antarctica in the Gup-S. They manage to discover a legendary mystery. A hidden lake which has been sealed by the ice for millions of years. It appears that the water is red because of all the rust in the water, which contains heaps of iron. In this episode the Gup S' drill actually breaks while trying to burrow into the ice. Upon reaching the lake, initially there doesn't seem to be any living creatures so Shellington takes a water sample to study in the Gup-S. It so happens that he hears a voice, which appears to be a microbe named Meryvn! As he can't stand the heat of the Gup-S, Shellington scrambles back to the hidden lake so that the microbe can survive.

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