The Hungry Pilot Fish
Season 01, Episode 27
Shark and Pilot Fish
Air date January 24, 2011
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The Beluga Whales
The Vampire Squid

As the Octonauts were ready to travel in the ocean, it was Kwazii's turn for GUP-cleaning duty. When he was supposed to clean up the gups, the others in a gunky Gup-A see a white-tipped shark chasing them not knowing that a pilot fish followed them inside the Octopod as it secretly helped Kwazii cleaned the gunky GUPS. However, the shark was only trying to use the GUP as a toothbrush because its teeth were dirty with algae. The Octonauts bring the pilot fish to the white-tipped shark, and then the pilot fish cleaned the shark's teeth in no time.

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