The Jellyfish Bloom
Season 01, Episode 34
The Jellyfish Bloom
Air date January 20, 2011
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The Combtooth Blenny
The Baby Dolphin

As Shellington was learning about some shy garden eels, he falls asleep as a bloom of jellyfish cover up the entire place. The Octonauts discovered that Shellington is still in the ocean in a Gup-E with no power when Captain Barnacles gets stung by a jellyfish so it is up to Kwazii and Peso to save Shellington, and Barnacles has an idea... he dumps all the vinegar for the treatment given by Peso, which hurt a little, but recovered instantly, runs to the GUP-D, drills a hole is the rocky cliffs, and rescues the three, as they were about to be pulled into the ocean by a sea nettle. A huge jellyfish appears at the HQ windows, and the Octonauts enjoy a morning break, admiring the wonders of a jellyfish bloom.

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