The Oarfish
Season 01, Episode 32
The Oarfish
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The Cookiecutter Sharks
The Combtooth Blenny
The Octonauts travel to an unknown area as Dashi saw a mysterious tail of a creature and Kwazii thinks it's a "Nackerwack" as Pinto, Peso and Professor Inkling discover that it's an oarfish, the longest fish in the sea. Dashi sent a picture of the tail to Inkling, who discovered it right before Pinto left the library. During a call from Pinto, the radio randomly shuts off. When Pinto finds the oarfish, it is discovered that there is one following the Octopod. It is discovered that oarfishes are very shy, though Pinto and Peso investigated why he was crying.

Creature Report

An Oarfish

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