The Snot Sea Cucumber
Season 01, Episode 20
Hurt Slippy
Air date January 25, 2011
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The Snapping Shrimp
The Giant Whirlpool

A tremor shakes the Octopod, causing one of the Octopod's legs to be crooked. When Captain Barnacles spots an injured snot sea cucumber Peso arrives to help as Tweak in the Gup-D repairs the Octopod leg until Slippy ends up slipping and sliding around the Octopod as the Octonauts fill the Octopod with seawater so Slippy can breathe.

Creature Report

  • Slippy the Snot Sea Cucumber


  • Flooding the Octopod should have ruined Inkling's books and all non-water proof equipment.
  • When Peso says "Oh no! What are we going to do!", he looks rather happy than worried.
  • When the vegimals are shown shaking inside the kitchen, they are both surprised and smiling. There are also unexpected sounds of their giggles when they crash with the cart and into the Octo-chute with the snot sea cucumber.