Kwazii in the Gup

(In the Octopod, Tweak finished fix the GUP-B.)

Tweak: There,(she closes the engine)that you do it.The GUP-B's all fixed up...again.
Kwazii: Aye, Tweak.She looks better than ever. 
Tweak: And take a look.I edited the special turbo button.If you'll give ya an extra burst of power if your in  emergency.
Kwazii: Aye, or a race.(he steps into the GUP-B)I can't wait to take around for a little test drive.Open the octohatch, me heartie.
Tweak: Uh...okay.(she walks to the front of the octohatch)But, Kwazii...use that turbo button on in emergency!
Kwazii: (he thumbs up and Tweak's open the octohatch.Outside, Kwazii takes a test drive with the GUP-B)I better make sure this thing works.(in the Launch Bay, Tweak was watch the GUP-B.It moves normal...for now.Kwazii quickly press the turbo button)Yeow!Woo-hoo-hoo(the GUP-B's moves fast.In the Launch Bay, Tweak's worried about him.)Yeow-eow-eow-eow hahahaha!Whoooa!Yeooow!Woo-hoo!Yee-ha! (In the HQ, Dashi saw a big storm on the storm tracker.)
Dashi: Captain, you've gotta see this.(Captain Barnacles walks into front of her)It something big out there on the storm tracker.
Captain Barnacles: (he walks at the front of the main octoalert and wondered)Hmm...(he's activating the octoscope)Activating octoscope.(he saw in the octoscope that the the storm was strong)Hmm...It's a big storm and it's heading straight for us. Dashi, sound the octoalert.(Dashi sounds the octoalert)Octonauts, to the HQ!(all of the Octonauts are going to the HQ.)Octonauts, we have to get the Octopod ready before the storm gets here.