It is Christmas time at the Octopod, the Vegimals are cooking the feast. Inkling, Shellington, and Dashi discover a brime lake, so they go out to see it. The 3 of them get stuck in a snot blob! The others (minus the Vegimals) go to rescue them and get stuck too! It is up to the Vegimals to rescue them, after watching a video on how to rescue creatures out of snot blobs, Tunip and the Vegimals create the Gup V! A Vegimal Gup and rescue the Octonauts. After all of the excitement, Tunip faints, once he awakens, he realizes that his cake is about to burn! He gets it just in time. The octonauts have their feast, and the vegimals sing Jingle Bells in vegimalese! At the end Codish is seen smiling.


The transcript of"The Very Vegimal Christmas" is here

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