The Whale Shark-0

(In the Octopod, Captain Barnacles pointed at the Octopod's video link.)
Captain Barnacles : Hmm....look at these pictures coming in from Dashi.
Peso : (interested) Oooh..Where is she,Captain?
Captain Barnacles: She's exploring a strange underwater cave.
(in the cave, Dashi is in a beautiful part of the mysterious cave.) Dashi : Here's some amazing stuff in here.
(In the Octopod,Shellington ran some cave data through the Octopod computer.)
Shellington : I've shown this picture through the computer to good look of the whole cave.(he opens the Octopod's video link.) It looks like there's a squid and some tropical seaweed.
Peso:(to Shellington) The cave floor's red... and wiggly.(Shellington pushed the button of the video link panned to a line of bumpy white rocks.)
Captain Barnacles:(rubbing his chin.)Those little rocks hanging down look kinda familiar.(the video camera zooming in for the closer look.)
Shellington: That's because there teeth... and the floor is a tongue!
Peso:(confused)What that kind of cave have teeth and a tongue?
Shellington: Because, its not a cave, Peso.It's...
Shellington and Captain Barnacles: A Whale Shark!!!
Captain Barnacles:(to Dashi) Dashi, can you hear me?!
Dashi: Glad and clear! Sort of...
Captain Barnacles: You're not in a cave, you're in the whale shark! Get out, now!
Dashi: Uh-oh,closing time...(She made a splash for the exit. The whale shark's jaw were starting to close.)My Camera!(She swims back to where she was to retrieve her camera. In the Octopod.)
Captain Barnacles: Dashi, can you hear me?
Dashi: I'm all right,Captain.I'm - (the screen is blinked, then went static.)
Shellington: The signal can't reach at the end of the mouth shut.
Peso: She's trapped inside the whale shark! (Tunip fainting)
Captain Barnacles: We need to get her out. (to Peso) Peso,sound the Octoalert! (Peso pushes the octoalert.) Octonauts, to the Launch bay! (all the Octonauts go to the Launch bay.) Octonauts, this is a whale shark.
Shellington:(to Tunip) No,Tunip. The whale shark isn't a whale. It's the biggest fish in the sea, as big as school bus.
All the Vegimals: Oooh....
Captain Barnacles: It's so big that Dashi thought its mouth was a cave. And now she's disappeared inside it.(Tunip fainting again.)
Kwazii : How dare that dastardly beast swallow our mate?
Inkling : (to Kwazii) I'm certain he didn't do it on purpose, Kwazii. The whale shark is a filter feeder. A filter feeder doesn't use his teeth for biting. It's just open his mouth and swallow whatever's there.
Captain Barnacles: And this whale shark swallowed Dashi. (Tunip fainted again.) We have to get her out.
Tweak : (to Captain Barnacles) Then, you'll need to take this whale shark detector. It flashes when the whale shark's near.
Captain Barnacles: (to Kwazii and Peso) Kwazii, Peso, into the gup.(Captain Barnacles, Kwazii and Peso get into the Gup-A.) (to Tweak) Tweak, open the octo-hatch.
Tweak: Got it, Cap. (the Gup-A going outside of the Octopod.)
Captain Barnacles: That's strange. According to the map, the whale shark was right here. I don't see him anywhere.
Kwazii: (to Captain Barnacles) Probably planning a sneak attack...
Peso: (to Captain Barnacles) The whale shark detector hasn't flashed once.
Captain Barnacles: We'd better get out and take a look arrroooouuund...(he saw Kwazii swim outside of the Gup-A.) (to Peso) Peso,you stay here and keep a lookout.
Peso: Right-oh. (Captain Barnacles also swims outside of the Gup-A.)
Captain Barnacles: (to Kwazii) Kwazii,when we find the whale shark, here's our plan. (opening his notebook) We'll need to open his mouth to slip in and get Dashi.
Kwazii: But first, I confuse the beast by leaping all around like a heap of spaghetti.
Captain Barnacles: Meanwhile, I'll slip in through your spaghetti.(the whale shark detector is flashing)
Peso: Captain, Kwazii! (the whale shark is going near Kwazii and Captain Barnacles, and the whale shark protector is still flashing.) Huh! (to Captain Barnacles) Captain,behind you! It's the...(Captain Barnacles, and Kwazii are swallowed by a whale shark) Whale shark. (in the whale shark's mouth,Captain Barnacles,and Kwazii opening their helmets.)
Captain Barnacles: You never got to leap around like spaghetti, did you?
Kwazii: No, I got sucked in like a wet noodle.
Kwazii and Captain Barnacles: Dashi!
Captain Barnacles: Let's look for her by going that way along the tongue. Charge! (They run through the tongue, the whale shark is tickled, and Kwazii and Captain Barnacles fall on whale shark's tongue.)
Kwazii: That tongue is kind of ticklish.
Captain Barnacles: We better step lightly. Tip-toe! (they step lightly going to the near of the teeth)
Kwazii: This looks like where we came in.
Captain Barnacles: So let's go back the other way. Slide! (they slide through the near of the sponge wall and catch hold of the gills.)
Kwazii: This thing's keep you holding on his body,Captain.
Captain Barnacles: Their gills.Whale Shark uses them to let water back out while keeping food in.
Kwazii: You think Dashi could come out to the gills?
Captain Barnacles: No,she's too big.
(Kwazii walk on the front of the sponge wall.)
Kwazii: It's looks wall a spongy like.
Captain Barnacles: (he walk also through the front of the sponge wall.)The sponge wall is another way the whale shark and let water out while keeping big stuff in.
Kwazii: (He look down and saw Dashi's hair clip,and he pick it.)Looks like he kept Dashi's hair clip in.
Captain Barnacles: But Dashi was must squeeze away through.
Kwazii: She's on the other side.

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