Vampire Squid


Vampire Squid





What it does

Uses lights on its head, uses its cape of spikes, or squirts slime



The Vampire Squid is a squid that has a vampire-like spiked cape (shown if it is scared.) If it is too scared, it squirts out green slime. it lives in the deep waters of the midnight zone, the darkest parts in the ocean.Unlike all the other squid, however, his head is sort of round at the top, which makes it look better than if the top was like Irving, or the Colossal Squid, or anything else. In real life, they grow to about a foot long and have lidless eyes, which makes them look scary.

In the episode, he spoke in a Transylvanian accent.


Vampire Squid are a reddish coloring with a cape-like coverings, connecting its tentacles. On the top, there are two "eyes" that can light up so the Vampire Squid can see in the extremely dark waters. The vampire squid has two little fins that look a little bit like ears. At some points, though not his face and forehead, are some darker red spots.He also seems to have semicircle eyes.


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