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Vegimals in Enemy Anenomes

The Vegimals are little cute and cuddly creatures, half vegetable, and half animal. All of them enjoy cooking, gardening, and helping the other Octonauts whenever they can. They speak Vegimalese, their own special language. Shellington is usually the only one who can understand what they are saying. All Vegimals have fishie lower bottoms. Of all the Vegimals, however, Tunip is the only main character.

You can almost always find them in the Octopod's kitchen, where they like to bake fish biscuits and kelp cakes, or in the Octopod's garden where they can water the plants, fruits, and veggies. The Vegimals also seem to like helping Tweak fix and build things, especially Tunip, and in the Octopod Gym, where they have a Ping-Pong table, they enjoy playing a quick game whenever they want.

Vegimal Name List

Tunip=Tuna and Turnip

Barrot=Bass and Carrot

Tominnow= Tomato and Minnow

Grouber= Tuber and Grouper

Codish= Cod and Radish

Sharchini= Zucchini and Shark

Perchkin= Pumpkin and Perch

Halibeet= Beet and Halibut

Yamchovy= Anchovy and Yam

Wallabaga= Rutabaga and Walleye

Pikato= Tomato and Pike

Charchard= Chard and Char

Maccoli= Broccoli and Mackerel

Carprika= Paprika and Carp

Albachoy= Bok Choy and Albacore

Salepeño= Jalapeño and Salmon

Vegi-Bot= Vegimal and Robot (Mariana Trench Adventure)


Green Vegimal

Tominnow and Pikato

Fish biscuts


Vegimals playing table-tennis
Kwazii and the Vegimals cooking pirate stew

Kwazii and the Vegimals cooking pirate stew

Vegimals in the garden
The Vegimals taking an order from Captain Barnacles
R.Vegimals chasing after the snot sea cucumber
Vegimals cooking

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